13 Unique Airbnb’s To Enhance Your Bucket List

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I am a strong believer that unique and exciting accommodation can really make a trip go from something fun to something spectacular. I have written before about crazy hotels from around the world that I would love to visit, but it seems that every time I look into a new place I want to visit I find somewhere else to stay that draws my eye.

Due to the ease of accessibility, Airbnb is home to some of the most fascinating and unusual places to stay.

Here are some of the most unique Airbnb’s that I have come across and would love to stay in:

Luxury Titan II Nuclear Missile Complex – Vilonia, Arkansas

When the Titan II Missile Complex’s became available for the public to buy, G.T. purchased one with the intention of turning it into a luxury place to stay. Having purchased it, he went about documenting the complex’s conversion on his YouTube channel (which I highly recommend watching).

Complete with the original doors, escape ladder the ability to withstand a nuclear strike, this is one of the most unique airbnb’s in the world.

Image of the entrance to one of the most unique airbnb's - the Titan II Missile Complex in Arkansas
A photo of the door into the airbnb. Credit to G.T. on airbnb.co.uk

Despite its rustic exterior, this unique airbnb’s interior is luxurious. There are two coffee machines, a theatre and a shower with four shower heads.

Windmill – Utrecht, The Netherlands

The Netherlands is home to several beautiful and unique airbnb’s, many of which are boats or other similar water-based homes due to the high number of canals in the country.

Since I wanted to be a bit different, I looked into windmills – another building that I associate with The Netherlands since visiting them on a day trip when I was younger.

There are several options, but this sweet little windmill looks very traditional and incorporates all of the features I would want to encounter whilst staying in a windmill and living out my cottagecore dreams.

Picture of Windmill Airbnb. Credit to Maarten on airbnb.co.uk

Bubble Den – Portglenone, Northern Ireland

If you are like me and are fascinated by tiny homes and views of the stars then this bubble den in Northern Ireland is right up your alley.

Whilst I have not stayed there myself, reviews reference a sunsetter package which promises Prosecco and s’mores under the stars and, honestly, I can’t think of anything better.

Photo of the Bubble Den. Credit to Mark on airbnb.co.uk

Tiny Tiki Retro Hideaway – Chatsworth, California

This glamping spot just outside of Los Angeles is the perfect escape from the real world.

Located in the desert, this boho hideaway has its own kitchen and private bed hidden away in a camper, a gazebo and stone mesa. It is far enough away from the city to feel isolated and yet close enough to give you an opportunity to explore.

Shot of the Tiny Tiki Retro Hideaway. Credit to Julia on airbnb.co.uk

The Enchanted Cave – Sydney, Australia

The Enchanted Cave is a hobbit-like home built on a natural rock platform. This unique airbnb is the best way to live out your Fred Flinstone dreams and go full caveman.

Much in the same way as the Cappadocia Fairy Chimneys, this airbnb appeals to my more natural and boho side in a manner that is hard to put into words.

Interior of The Enchanted Cave. Credit to Lionel on airbnb.co.uk

Plus, it is overlooking a natural park. Can you get any more stunning than that?

Rustic Villa in the Vineyards – Piemonte, Italy

Whilst this airbnb isn’t on quite the same level of quirkiness as others on this list, it is still an exciting and unique airbnb experience that I think would make a trip to Italy transform.

Overlooking a vineyard and next to a wine cellar, this rustic villa is ideal if you are visiting Italy in search of some incredible wines. Plus, the views are absolutely stunning.

This would be the perfect unique airbnb stay to live out your cottagecore fantasies.

Photo of Rustic Villa in the Vineyard. Credit to Tracey, Nico & Ela on airbnb.co.uk

Cube House Museum – Rotterdam, The Netherlands

This is the only unique airbnb on this list that I have been fortunate enough to actually have visited and toured around for myself and, upon entering one of these slanted buildings, I knew I had to come back and stay in one for myself.

Whilst they are a bit cramped due to the tilting of the rooms, they are a truly one of a kind experience that I think any adventurous traveller should give a shot.

Image of the Cube House airbnb in Rotterdam. Credit to Geert on airbnb.co.uk

Domo in the Sacred Valley – Cusco, Peru

Part of the La Pacha community and near the Maha Temple, this unique airbnb has a community feel in a very respected area. It is the perfect place to relax, surrounded by maintains and stunning views and only 30 minutes from a waterfall.

If you are looking for somewhere relaxing and a bit less adventurous than the Skylodge Adventure Suites then this is a unique Peruvian accommodation that looks like it would add something special to the trip.

Picture of the Domo in the Sacred Valley. Credit to Andrea on airbnb.co.uk

Unique and Secluded AirShip – Drimnin, Scotland

I think there is a growing market for unique tiny homes and, given the climate we are living in right now, I don’t think there has ever been a better time for them.

One of the most unique airbnb’s I have encountered whilst researching this post is this futuristic airship. It is isolated and private – a perfect getaway from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

A photo of the Scottish Airship airbnb. Credit to Amanda on airbnb.co.uk

Set against the moody Scottish sky with that huge window, this looks like an absolute cosy dream.

Geodesic Dome near World Biosphere Reserve – Valparaíso, Chile

Secluded and surrounded by nature, the geodesic dome is located inside of a National Parc, existing with the intent of creating peace and tranquillity.

Airbnb boasts that it is “surrounded by lemon trees, avocado trees, apple trees, olive trees, almond trees and native forest with Boldo, Peumo, Lilen, Arrayan, Maqui, Quillaye and an amazing panel of forest flowers and ferns.”

If that doesn’t sell you on this magnificent landscape then I’m not sure what will.

Close up of Geodesic Dome Entrance. Credit to Matthieu on airbnb.co.uk

Snow Igloo – Pelkosenniemi, Finland

If you aren’t afraid of the cold and want a truly unique airbnb adventure, then this igloo in Finland may be for you.

Whilst I don’t think I have it in me to stay here for more than one night, there is nothing more unusual that I can think of than sleeping under the gorgeous Finnish sky in a snowy igloo. I don’t do all that well with the cold though.

The host states that they provide warm sleeping bags however it is always minus temperatures inside the igloo so, if you do decide to give it a shot, make sure you bring your thermals and wrap up warm.

The Snow Igloo under the Northern Lights. Credit to Antti on airbnb.co.uk

Liveable Sculpture – Rome, Italy

If you are looking for something bright and sunny then this liveable sculpture in Rome may be for you.

With full access to the garden and more windows than you can count, this unique airbnb is perfect if you love the outdoors but don’t fancy camping. In the Rome sun, I can’t imagine a better place to stay than this gigantic art piece.

Interior of Rome’s liveable sculpture airbnb. Credit to Alessandro on airbnb.co.uk

Don’t worry though, the bathroom has real walls.

Private Island – Østfold, Norway

If you are looking for a slice of Nordic adventure, this gorgeous private island is perfect for those who want to explore away from crowded hiking routes.

Surrounded by stunning blue water, this is the ideal unique airbnb for anyone who loves to be one with nature.

Tiny house on its own private island. Credit to Cecilie & Eivind on airbnb.co.uk

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  1. Wow these are all amazing places! As soon as I started reading I was like this is the top and the more I went down the more amazing places you showed! i think my favourites would be the cave, the airship, the geodesic dome and the house in Rome! Thank you for sharing x

    1. Thank you for reading! I’m glad you liked them. I’m just imagining my life waking up inside a windmill and looking out over The Netherlands x

  2. I’ve never seen anything like that, it’s astonishing. If I were to visit one of these places, it would definitely be the enchanted cave in Sydney, Australia. That’s it! I’m adding it to my bucket list.

    1. Yes that one looks so gorgeous to me! Plus it’s in a national park so the area around it is stunning!

  3. These are insane! I love seeing what unique Airbnb’s are out there. My favorites are the private island in Norway and the cave in Sydney. So cool!

  4. Good to see a lot of these are in the UK or the Netherlands which is close by. I’ve seen the one in Rotterdam so I’m intrigued to try it when I next go back.

  5. It is so cool to see all of the different Airbnb’s out there! Oooh wow!! The one in Chatsworth is so close to me. I love the Enchanted Cave. Looks so cool! Thanks for sharing all of these hidden gems!

    Nancy ✨ mdrnminimalists.com

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