Despite being stuck indoors for the last 6 weeks, April has been a huge month for me!

I started my blog, had my first experience of working from home, got to try living with my boyfriend for the first time and have been away from my parents for longer than I ever have before.

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Starting a Blog

The decision to start a blog was not a spur of the moment thing. In fact, I made my first actual blog post months ago in August 2019 following a trip to Amsterdam, detailing the trip step-by-step, disastrously written in the airport on the way home. Thankfully, that post is now long gone.

Even before that, my twitter account, YouTube channel (coming soon-ish), blog url and instagram were created in February 2019. Over a year ago!

However, now that I have a bit more free time to get my footing, I decided that now was as good a time as any to start a blog!

A laptop and coffee, which has been my set up for the whole of April
I have become a bit of a goblin over the last month and so have not taken any photos of my own. Here is a nice stock image of a laptop and some coffee

Starting a travel blog amidst a global travel ban, isn’t that a bit silly?

I don’t think so. I thought about the appropriateness of the situation before actually sitting down to write anything and decided that there was plenty I could write about without having to travel until the world was ready for borders to reopen. I didn’t want to waste the opportunity to get ahead on my blog without having to sacrifice my studies.

I am so glad I decided to start my blog when I did! I have spoken to some amazing people such as ‘Fizz’ from ‘On The Fly‘ that have been so lovely to me and answered all my questions. Similarly, ‘Foster Fam Travels‘ have given me so much support on twitter and have been so incredibly lovely.

As well as that, I genuinely enjoy writing posts. Doing a creative writing degree can sometimes take the fun out of writing for me, it feels more like something I have to do rather than something I love. Blogging has given me back my passion for creating!

I’m extremely pleased with how my blog is growing too!

I have received over 700 views, 275 visitors, gained 29 followers, over 45 likes and 125 comments! I am absolutely blown away by how supportive everyone has been and, whilst these numbers are probably incredibly small to the majority, that is crazy to think of to me!

Thank you so much to everyone who has decided to support me on this journey, it means so much to me!

Working From Home

I am a retail worker and, therefore, never thought I would have the chance to work from home. Not any time soon anyway.

Despite that, the current global situation has meant that I have had the rare opportunity to have a taste of working from the comfort of my own home: it is unique to say the least.

I have been finding that there are quite a few challenges that come along with the benefits of being able to work wearing pyjama bottoms and drink coffee as regularly as I want to.

I find it can be quite tricky to actually get myself to do work to the best of my ability. Living with my boyfriend means there is a constant distraction if I want to fall victim to it and having to discipline myself to ensure that I focus on the task at hand is tough. That said, I do think I am doing quite well with it all things considered and, due to my boyfriends sleeping pattern, have gotten very good at ignoring distractions.

That’s a new and valuable skill I suppose!

Again, not my own image but, tracking down photos for this month has made me realise it has been very computer-centric. I promise next month there will be some more interesting photos of my own.

There has been so much to get used to, from new ways to clock in to virtual meetings and having to communicate with my colleagues via iMessage and WhatsApp. Saying that, I am so fortunate to be in the position I’m in and am very grateful for all off the support I have been given by the company and my managers.

Plus, I can’t complain about being able to wake up 10 minutes before my shift starts.

Living With My Boyfriend and Being Away From Home

The other big thing that has happened this month (that actually happened last month) is that I got to have the first taste of life living with my boyfriend.

Granted, “living with my boyfriend” means sharing his one bedroom and 4 plates in his student house after getting stranded here during COVID-19.

Needless to say it has been tough!

I have, as previously mentioned, found that I am distracted a lot easier from what I should be doing, be that an essay or blog post or work training. Having your partner always in the same room as you is about as big of a reason to procrastinate as you can get!

We have had our fair share of small, mundane arguments about everything from forgetting to buy fudge on the rare trip to Tesco to what’s for dinner. Yet, we get over them quickly and, as a rule, never go to bed angry.

Matias and I in a bed much nicer bed than ours outside of the Moco Museum in Amsterdam! Definitely not taken in April but at least it’s not a stock image!

There’s not a lot you can do if you’re mad at someone but you have no choice other than to share the same bed at night.

That said, living together has made us so much closer together. Usually, we live in different cities during term time and so I only get to see him for about 4-8 days out of the month. It was a big change to go from that to seeing each other daily for the last 6 weeks (and counting) but it was a big change in the best way!

I think it is going to be incredibly challenging when life goes back to normal, however, I know I have at least another month to enjoy spending every day with someone I love!

Goals For May

I am someone who loves setting goals, though I don’t always stick to them! Perhaps posting them on here will make me due to the accountability of having to update in next months post.

Some goals for May that I would like to achieve are:

> Post on my blog at least once a week

> Schedule 5 posts

> Post on Instagram daily

> Read a book

> Finish my university coursework

Yes they’re all boring goals but now is a difficult time to set exciting, adventurous ones.

Maybe next month…

Final Thoughts

Overall, April has been a huge month for me!

I have tried so many new things, met so many amazing new people and am feeling so positive and motivated about my blog.

I hope your month has gone well and I hope that May treats you even better!

How was your April?

What are your hopes for May?

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  1. Nice loved reading your blog post- I have also just started my very first blog and I’m super new to all this. I’m so glad that I have I guess it’s better now than never. I have learnt sooo much in the past few weeks since I started and I only published my first blog post a week ago, but think it’s going in the right direction (well I hope)

  2. Welcome to the blogging world! And it’s definitely a good decision to get ahead on the blog when you have the time. All the best with your blogging and travelling!

    1. Thank you so much! Yes I think now is the best time to start something like this as I can give my website and posts the love and attention they need! Hope you’re doing well x

  3. Sounds like you’ve had an intense month! Make sure you keep looking after yourself. Thanks for sharing – my blog isn’t even a week old yet, so it’s interesting to see how your first month went!


  4. Hello! Enjoy blogging and keep on inspiring people. Last April I managed to post my 2nd article for this year. And for this month I’m cleaning my site and hopefully improve it. Cheers!

  5. Wow you’ve really hit the ground running with your blog! I’ve been blogging on and off for almost 10 years and I’ve never had that much traffic or comments. Your writing style is much better than my own though! 🙂 Holds the readers attention which is so important!

    How long have you been with your boyfriend? My partner and I have been together for 12 years and we’re both working from home right now.. but he’s driving me up the wall sometimes! I think he’s too chill to let my annoying habits bother him (or maybe I am actually perfect and don’t have annoying habits? Just kidding haha). Will you move in with him perminantly after this is all over?

    1. Thank you so much! We’ve been together for a year and a few months now but unfortunately we go to university in different cities. We definitely have plans to move in together in a year when I finish university though. I think I am secretly driving him up the wall though 🙂

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