I have a crazy idea.

When I decided I wanted to document my travels I knew I wanted to have a goal in mind. Something to drive me to explore new places and have new experiences to write about.

Whilst in my dreams the crazy idea would be me deciding to pack my bags and travel for a year (or ideally longer) that, unfortunately, isn’t in the cards for me at the moment.

I decided to set myself a long term goal.

I have always been someone who wants to see as much of the world as possible. When I was younger holidays were my life blood. I would pack my little blue suitcase weeks in advance, help my mum book hotels and put together lists of activities for us to do when we’re there.

It only seems right for my goal to lean on this. I want to see as much of the world as possible and so…

I want to visit 100 countries in the next decade.

100 countries by 31st December 2030.

It’s not a small goal (especilly given that world circumstances have stopped me travelling anywhere for over a year now) but it is an exciting one.

I wanted to give myself time to explore places, not just capital city hop my way around the globe. A decade seems like a good amount of time to do that.

I have currently visited 12/100 countries!

I have 88 more countries to go!


  1. Very ambitious! My goal was just “30 before 30” (then “40 before 30” once I hit 30) and now my current goal is “Every continent” which will take a while because Antarctica is so expensive! I definitely would like to hit 100 countries too though, but that’s a much longer-term goal.

  2. You’ve been to so many places already that so cool! I’ll deffo be following you on your travels in your next posts!

  3. ‘I would rather only travel to 50 countries but explore them well than reach 100 but only spend 2 days in each.’ I love this and absolutely agree! I’m like you in that I like to set goals, but I think it’s amazing you already know that you value your experiences over anything else ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Wow, I like this goal! It’s something I’d really love to do myself, actually ๐Ÿ™‚ And you know, I’ve visited most of the countries on your list, so it’s nice to know I have something in common with a fellow travel blogger. Good luck and I hope you achieve your dream! ๐Ÿ˜€

  5. What a great travel goal! My goal was to RV through all 48 lower contiguous states of the U.S., and I was able to accomplish that after a year-long road trip. I’ve been to 49 states so far but still need to make it up to Alaska. Then I’ll have to start focusing more on countries. So far I’ve been to 6 countries. There’s so many more to explore though! Out of the ones you’ve been to so far, what country has been your favorite? – Briana @ Next Destination Unknown | https://www.nextdestinationunknown.com/

    1. RVing around the US is actually something I would love to do! You must have seen loads over that time! My favourite country Iโ€™ve been to so far is Poland! I try and go every year although have had to cancel this years trip!

      1. Poland… good to know! We have seen a lot throughout our RV adventures. Our favorite places to visit are the National Parks. So far weโ€™ve been to 28.

    1. That sounds wonderful! I would love to take a year or two to full-time travel in the future, just need to talk my partner round to it!
      Good luck with creating your next company too!

  6. Ambitious but totally attainable!! And I am with you on the not wanting to rush countries thing… To fully appreciate the culture you need time! I spent 8 weeks in Greece right out of high school with my now husband, and it was life changing!

    1. Thank you so much! I have to agree that as much as I would like to see 100 countries in this time period I would rather see 40 but see most of what that country has to offer than 100 but barely see anything at all!

  7. My goal was to do 30 before 30 but I only got to 27 which is still not bad but really wanted to achieve that goal. Now with the virus it will be a while probably before I get to 30. Hope you are able to achieve your goal!

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